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Teknik Marine Ship Service / İstanbul

Istanbul TeknIk MarIne

Teknik Marine Ship Service / İstanbul

Istanbul TeknIk MarIne



Who We Are


Who we are

Istanbul Teknik Marine; 

Has established in Tuzla Bay for providing of ship repair and new building in Turkey, 

Globally provides Spare Parts, Service and producing own deck and engine fitting equipments with Professional team since many years.

We also provide Drydock /Special Survey Services and Fleet/Technical Management for operating vessels represented major Shipyards.

We had performed countless critical and successful repair and overhauls works for all kind of 2 and 4 stroke main engines; 

Auxiliary engines maintenance, reconditioning works, crankshaft grinding, in-situ machining, maintenance of various auxiliary machinery such as compressors, purifiers, pumps, coolers, etc. inTurkey and abroad.

Basic Topics ;

• Service & Spare Parts for Marine

• Service & Spare Parts for Power Plants

• Own producer Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Heating Coils

• Recontioned good quailty,certifed engine parts.

• Fleet/Technical Management 

• Consultancy & Engineering


Qualıty polıcy

We are committed to maintaining high quality, flexibility and reliability of our services in order to be convincing in competition and to retain our customers. 

We want to ensure that our customers can take our reliability for granted.


For us this means: a comprehensive approach to solving customer problems, careful monitoring of the individual phases, constant optimisation of costs and routes, impeccable quality of transport on any level of complexity.



We set ourselves department-specific and verifiable goals to maintain the level of quality achieved and also take into account ecological aspects – in the interests of the environment.

Through the pursuit of these we call for a continuously improved quality and environmental awareness among our employees. And each employee is encouraged to propose improvements to the daily work and environmental protection.

We also believe in providing qualitative services at the most competitive prices. We supply best quality products& stores at competitive prices. Marine Ship danışmanlık

istanbul teknik marine

Business ActIvItIes

  • ShIpbuIldIng SolutIons 
  • Project Management ServIces
  • Agency ServIces 


  • New ShIp BuIldIng and RepaIrIng
  • Port & ShIpyard Investment TechnIcal Management

Company Profile

  • ExpertIses In all aspects of ShIpbuIldIng & ShIp RepaIr and Port OperatIons.

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ıstanbul teknık marıne

Evliya Çelebi Mah. Eğilmez Sk. Giptaş San.Sit C Blok No : 3/8, İstanbul, Tuzla 34493, TR

0532 053 34 61 0216 446 84 86


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Teknık Marıne Shıp Servıce

Evliya Çelebi Mah. Eğilmez Sk. Giptaş Sanayi Sitesi, C Blok No:3/8, İstanbul, Tuzla 34493, TR

0532 053 34 61 0216 446 84 86 Mail : info@teknikmarine.com